Indoor Vertical Farms Air Pump Tray Hydroponic Growing Systems

Aeroponic is a new cultivation method. It is a soilless cultivation technology that uses a spray device to atomize nutrient solution into small droplets and directly spray it to the root system of plants to provide water and nutrients needed for plant growth. The plants are suspended in a closed cultivation device (tank, box or bucket), and the root system is exposed inside the cultivation device.
The nutrient solution is atomized by the spray device and sprayed to the root surface to reduce the nitrate content of the cultivated plants. It can make the crop yields have multiplied, it is not soil or substrate to cultivated plants of agricultural new and high technology, from manual to the creation of crop root system replaced the soil environment, can effectively solve the traditional soil cultivation is difficult to solve the contradiction of water, air, nutrient supply, crop root under optimum conditions, to play to crop growth potential, The plant growth and biomass were greatly increased.

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Indoor Vertical Farms Air Pump Tray Hydroponic Growing Systems

Mist culture is also known as aeroponics. Short for spray culture. One of the ways of soilless cultivation. Instead of using a solid substrate, it sprays a solution of nutrients directly onto the roots of plants, supplying them with the nutrients and oxygen they need. 

A container, usually made of Styrofoam board, is punched into the board and planted into the plant. The stems and leaves are exposed above the hole. And the roots hang in the dark in the lower space. Spray the nutrient solution to the roots every 2-3 minutes for a few seconds. The nutrient solution is recycled, but the solubility of fertilizer in the nutrient solution should be high, and the spray droplets are required to be very fine.   Fog culture is in the phase of promotion. Especially in the poor vegetation conditions, it is more suitable for the popularization and application of fog culture.

Growth rate: Aeroponic > Hydroponic > Dripping

The main difference is that hydroponics is safer and can survive on nutrients and oxygen in the water for several days without power.

Short for solid substrate grown plant. A soilless culture in which roots are fixed in a  solid substrate (medium) through which nutrients and oxygen are absorbed. There are many types of substrates, such as vermiculite, perlite, rock wool, sand, polyurethane,   etc. Organic substrates include peat, rice husk charcoal, bark and so on. So substrate culture is divided into rock wool culture, sand culture and so on. The nutrient solution was supplied by drip irrigation. Its advantages are simpler devices and lower production costs. But need more substrate, and continuous cropping of the old substrate is easy to carry germs, and spread disease. 

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