Best quality 650w LED grow light for indoor vertical farm

AgriSpec series has 6-12 light bars with 100W/bar to a make 600-1,200W lamp, this lamp is designed especially for indoor artificial lighting because it should be hanging on a height of 30cm to 100cm, the light will be evenly distributed on the area covered by this lamp.
when you first time contact us with a project, we will offer our suggestions on what types of LED you can choose and how many pcs you may need in how many watts. It will help you to determine how much light you need for your specific crop and growth goals. This will illustrate an optimal lighting layout for your facility to maximize light intensity and uniformity.
Our tailor-made engineering includes combining the light spectrum, intensity, illumination moment, uniformity and positioning.

  • Growspec or OEM
  • Foshan, China
  • 30 Days
  • 200000 pcs/year


Full Spectrum Meijiu Led Light For Medical Plant

GrowSpec LED grow lights -- the AS series is a high-performance, full-cycle top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation, with the power to scale the light intensities from vegetative growth to flower. It was designed for commercial growers to challenge high-PPFD cultivation practices along with sophisticated CO2 supplementation. Its' special full spectrum for plants empowers growers to achieve their growth targets all year round.

cannabis used

indoor vertical farming

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